I’ve started a new blog to talk about proportional representation for my state. I’ve got a ton of original written material, graphics I made, I even wrote out an amendment for city and county charter. The only thing left is the one thing I have no talent or skill for: more people. Despite some people indicating they were interested or supportive, I have been unable to connect with anyone who was willing and able to help me. I guess I could continue on by myself, go ahead and submit my petition to the election commissioner and just collect as many signatures as I can by myself. The minimum number to get the amendment on the ballot in Knox county is 26,000. I could also try to convince the county commissioners to put it on the ballot for me, but then after that is trying to get people to vote yes. *sigh*

If I’m coming back to wordpress, I guess I may as well bring this one back as my personal blog. I graduated college. I now have a bachelor’s degree in Latin. Don’t know how I’m going to find a job though. Trying to maintain a consistent day-time schedule is grueling and impossible. I have NEVER slept the same way other people do, no matter how hard I tried, and it takes so much out of me even without a regular schedule. Everything I’ve tried has failed. I’m still looking for places that are hiring but scraps are thin.

I’ve stopped posting photos on deviantArt and this time I don’t think I’m going to start again. I think when everyone’s default setting for the front page was “latest” it was easy to get noticed, but now it’s set to only show certain deviations that have already gotten some attention. I have absolutely NOT given up taking photos, I just have no idea what to do with them afterwards. Perhaps I can post them here.

My fiction writing has also stalled. I keep getting distracted by politics haha. I guess technically I AM writing every day, or doing some revisions, or something else. I’ve also started practicing guitar. I wouldn’t say I’ve made it through the opening of “Ballad of William Kidd,” but I think I’ve played several of the correct notes and in the right order too.

I’ve spent too long on Facebook. I can join a new platform, meet a few people, get some short-term engagement with my posts and direct messages, then the people either leave or just ignore me. And now for some bizarre reason I can’t even read posts on my timeline, because Facebook has been hiding all the posts from all of the people, pages, and groups that I follow. It’s the weirdest shit and when I post about it, nobody says anything, and I can’t even be sure anyone is seeing the posts I make. It also makes the site basically unusable.

So what now, then? I gave up on WP for a reason I guess. No engagement. But at least it’s designed for these kinds of long rambling posts–for now anyway. Who knows how long the managers will allow 500 words or more. Then I’ll have to find yet another platform.

I wonder what drives me to keep going. I’ve accomplished very little haha. Well.

I actually came very close to deleting all of my content on here and starting over, but no, let it stand. I want a personal blog again. I need some kind of an outlet even if I’m just screaming into the darkness–who cares if anyone can hear me. I need it. Facebook just isn’t that kind of site. Maybe it was that extreme honesty that got my engagement on earlier platforms but where have all of those people gone? It’s just me again. Alone with my thoughts. So let the screaming begin again I guess.

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