You know what, I’m really good at deviantarting.

There’s people on there who go through and mostly seem to fave things at random. You look at their favorites folder and it’s full of things that have nothing to do with each other, no subjects in commen, no common skill level, no common genre. And there’s a big flurry of them, usually within minutes of each other.

And there’s people who, when somebody faves their art, go to the faver’s profile and say thank you. I’m one of them, in fact; some people find us annoying but I make sure not to leave comments where people don’t want them. If I see something I like I’ll fave back too.

So anyway, I got one of these fave-and-run fellows on my profile today, so I took the opportunity to look at all the people saying thanks. I went to their profiles, checked to see if there was anything I liked and clicked fave on several things.

And I open up dA a few minutes ago and I got like 20 feedback messages. Bunch of favorites, a comment, and someone donated “points” to me (a thing you can redeem for stuff). Like, I have a donation pool and it literally says “I don’t need anything this is just here for no reason” and this completely random person just gave me stuff.

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