You know, I think the Governor is a pretty good villain. At his introduction, he is addressed only by title, and later in the series picks up a new name from a dead person with neither muss nor fuss. If anyone besides Andrea ever called him Phillip it’s likely a coincidence. The series never gives us a clear picture of his past, but there’s clearly been some loss of identity. He’s polite, handsome, charismatic, and finds it very easy to kill. And there’s his daughter. His attachment to her resembles Hershel’s conviction that the zimboes are “sick people.” But Hershel lived on a farm, in a spread-out rural area, while Philip seems to be more suburban or possibly even urban. And he finds himself in a world, his daughter “infected,” where self-defense against walkers is a daily necessity. Self-defense against other living people is less frequent but still unprecedented. Due to these experiences he has simply lost the ability to distinguish the living from the dead. Does it occur to him to begin trade negotiations with outside groups? Does he consider the soldiers potential resources as much as their guns, trucks, and other equipment? As he says, (paraphrased) “In this world you kill or you die…or you die then you kill.” In this statement, there is no clear separation between the living person and their reanimated corpse. Other characters talk about “becoming one of those things” “It’s not *them* any more” but the Governor uses the same pronoun to cover both things. To kill outsiders is meaningless now, and walkers are just another form of outsider.

He’s also, overall, neither fundamentally nor inherently different from Rick. His role as antagonist is created by their different goals, and eventually a grudge, maybe a touch more ruthlessness at this stage, but a level that Rick himself reaches later on in the series.

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