I have not been taking pictures as a habit for more than a year now, but I’m thinking of getting back into it. I can make Saturday photography day, and do pictures on Saturdays, and I’ll have regular uploads which is a big way of getting popular. Just being regular. I’m also considering putting one of my photos onto a t-shirt, using teezily. Specifically this one: http://fav.me/d7sq7v2

It’s extremely popular, though it’s not actually my favorite. But I’m a little concerned. I want to post a link to the t-shirt on the deviation description. The dA terms of service ban “third party” advertising, and teezily is a third party that is for profit. But it would also be money going to me, and it would be my personal project, so I don’t think it would count (and dA’s staff is pretty lousy at checking enforcing their own rules, to be honest, though this one they might pay more attention to since it’s money).

I think if I put it on a facebook page, and then link to the facebook page, I can subvert this little trouble entirely, and also I can make sure that if people see it somewhere that I didn’t put it, they can find me and see where I am genuine. Plus I can run ads on Facebook lol. Just need to consider a name. Same as my dA name? I guess it’ll have to be.

In the meantime, though, I think I want to go through my dA gallery and download all of my pictures. I don’t know if I posted on here about this, but I had all of my old data on an encrypted drive where two sectors of the disk went bad, and now the entire thing is inaccessible. (So that’s two new rules: no more spinning drives, and no more encryption).

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