Finals Week

Technically, it’s two weeks long. Last day is Monday of next week. That’s my Greek test, as well as the due date of my revised work shop story. Then I got more tests, Wednesday and Thursday I think.

I’ve held onto this library book, Hanson and Quinn’s Greek, for a while, since I haven’t had time to really sit down and study with it. And now someone’s requested it. Of course. But it’s not due back until two days before my Greek exam, so I think I could make it all the way through it before then. I’m taking a break right now, though.

I’m close to having my study fully set up. Got an operating system, speakers, office software, and music; I just need to go through and convert all of my files to .ogg format. I thought about setting up my OS so it can handle .mp3’s and .wma’s, but it’s on a thumb drive and I don’t want to load it down with extra software I might not have room for.

I’ve been taking the focalin off and on, and I think it is helping some. And the dry mouth and loss of appetite is getting better, too. But I can definitely tell when it’s wearing off, yee.

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One Response to Finals Week

  1. Eew, studying. I feel like I never learned to do it properly…like I cheated at college…

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