I had literal tears in my eyes yesterday though. Betsy devoss is trash. I’m going to be printing out and studying the text of the IDEA and ADA and trying to adapt it for local/state government. Can’t really add it on as a new project and it will be easier anyway if I can get proportional representation off the ground. I’m not stopping. I’m not giving up. But I’ve always kind of been a mess, to be honest, and I’m evolving into a bigger mess as time goes on. Eventually I will shrivel up and blow away on the wind. I’m just too alone in my perspective.

I had a lot of good reviews on my poems that I turned in last week, so that’s been kind of a buoy. I kinda think most of them are reacting to the fact that I know words for things, I dunno. But whatever. Still haven’t finished Apollonius. Tomorrow I’m also giving a presentation about the single transferable vote, and I’m going to tape it. I got some throwing-together to do, unfortunately, since I haven’t been focusing on it or on much of anything else. I rarely start my Greek homework until after midnight. Been eating and sleeping poorly as well. Been going to a lot of meetings. Fuck this shit. This country is a dumpster fire, and even if it wasn’t, my home state still would be. There’s no solution. Maybe I should take a nap and feel better.

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  1. I’m sorry everything is so crappy. Let me know if there’s anything I could do to help or cheer you up. :/

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