Classes began last week. Originally I was only going to be in three classes, but I added a linguistics class at the last moment. It’s 400-level (which will help me towards graduation) and it’s about phonology, which I am going to fucking destroy. I fully intend to ace both tests. Also, I was able, for whatever reason, to download the 330 page text book for free from a Persian website (book is in English). Some part of me finds that hilarious.

My creative writing class requires two poems, one of which must be a sonnet. Sonnets are like fourteen lines long. May as well just write haikus–and believe me, I have nothing against the haiku, but it’s not exactly the longest form of poetry. Oh yeah, and we’re also going to be covering haiku. I dunno. It’s just kind of abrupt, after spending whole semesters on mere portions of all these freaking poetic epics in actual Latin my first English poems since community college are going to be these short little dribs. But it’s only a 200-level class, so I shouldn’t be surprised, and I should get a pretty good fucking grade out of this, so I shouldn’t be too disappointed. I guess my major issue now is which ones to submit (unless I write a new one). Depends probably on the length requirements which I’m sure will exclude all three of them. Meh.

The other two are Classical Greek and Roman Mythology and Greek, which are great but I dunno, there’s less to write about sort of. I guess. I don’t want you to think they’re any less exciting (if you saw my Mythology professor you would know how exciting that one was) but eh I don’t have very much to gush about right now. Except my mythology professor. Who is. Really. Damn. Good looking. Woah.

Also I am really bad at political organizing the way i talk to people makes me look like a total nut at least i know what career i will never have jesus. Yeah, I’ve been wanting to talk to the League of Women voters about maybe enlisting their support for ranked choice voting and instant runoff voting, and I dunno, I’ve spoken to more than one member already, and let me put it this way, when people want to get in touch with you they usually don’t wait for you to give them your info, but I made sure she had it anyway just in case. Well, if I choose to really believe in this then I have to keep trying.

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