So…I wanted to have a reading list for this past year, because that is a really smart idea and I wanna steal it, except I have such a jumbled memory of what I did and when, I’d leave most of the books out that I finished, and add some in that I didn’t.

So I’m going to have a prospective reading list. For January.

The Argonautica by Apollonius Rhodius
Greek: an Intensive Course by Hansen and Quinn
The Poetics by Aristotle
Momo by that German dude
Epic of Gilgamesh

I will probably finish the Argonautica. I’m already on book two, and it’s only four books long (before you freak out, that’s poetic books, not volumes, in this case about 1100-1200 lines long each in the original, and this is a prose translation so yeah).

That seems like not many books although it’s only for January so maybe. But I’ll also have school and my parents’ house is currently packed with noisy relatives and I’m sleeping poorly and I’ve stopped shaving–notice I haven’t started growing my beard back. I’ve only stopped shaving. It’s just too much to deal with on top of the stress. I was also going to dye my hair again, but I haven’t even bleached my roots. Which I was totally going to do.

Some of the things that I have been doing is studying Latin–revisiting the basics. I’ve reviewed five chapters of Wheelocks so far. I also ran a pencil and paper simulation of an election using the single-transferable vote and three different thresholds–I discovered that the lower thresholds expand the influence of the top vote-getter. My blue spinny chair that I got in highschool is in an advanced state of decay. The back is starting to come off. It’s gotten to where I can no longer lean back. It’s actually kinda funny the way it looks. Maybe I’ll post pictures later. Or not. I’ve also started working on my conlang again. I have a big universe in my head of which I’ve put so little down on paper. I should just say fuck it and put down all the straight description my dear little heart can crank out. I also binge-watched fuck how many shows. Dark Matter, Colony, Travelers, Torchwood, Containment, in the time since last semester ended. I need to let up on the Netflix; it’s dulling my brain.

I wonder what would happen if I drew one picture every day for the whole year of 2017? I might not suck at the end, I dunno. Shit, I ought to do that. I did one month before, and every month since then I’ve thought of doing it again “this month…well okay next month, shit.”

And I continued downloading music even though I told myself I would stop. Well, fuckit, these are some good bands. Plus I recently joined a metalheads group on Facebook, and a political meme stash, a couple of wolf groups, and finally an autistic group.

Jefferey Dean Morgan as Neegan is officially my favorite TV villain ever. I like him even better than Mark Alaimo’s Gul Dukat.

Welp, it’s now 7:30 and I’m ready for whatever meagre sleep I can get these days.

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