Doing the music now

Yup. I’ve had two Newsted songs on my hard drive for almost a year now, which I was meaning to burn to disk, and now I’ve downloaded three more. This one doesn’t even seem to be listed by metal-archives at all

I didn’t realise before how long I’ve been waiting to get my music in order. My CD binder is almost full, so I’ve decided to split it between metal–most of my music, so it goes in the bigger binder–and non-metal, which would include everything from punk, hard rock, psychedelia, to neue deutsche härte. (I got a smaller binder that used to be my CD binder, but then it filled up.)

And then while I’m burning my new CD, Cinnamon just crashed. Holy fuck. But it didn’t seem to affect anything else…CD looks fine, and my blog entry didn’t get deleted. Never had that happen before. Quite odd.

Uggh, so I’ve been planning to do ALL the things during the break, and I’ve got to decide between checking out the libertarians (they’re having some speakers, so probably won’t be able to campaign for IRV or proportional representation) and stop school pushout, where the last time I went there brought up lots of really bad memories about school. Or I could stick with my anarchist friends and forget everything else. But then, we’ve started making sure and ending the meetings by dinner…perhaps if I ordered pizza like we’ve done before, then we can continue hanging out…meh.

Plus studying Greek and Latin, finally getting the nouns and cases written down for my invented language then start working on the verbs, making up words etc, and also drawing again. Yes, I’m still hoping to learn how to draw, and I’m still being a total doofus about it. Oh and maybe write some stories. That’s actually a pretty full roster, now that I think about it, and I may not have any time leftover to pick up the horrifying mess that’s accumulated over the semester on my bedroom floor.

For now I’ll just stick with music, I guess. Ooh, but also I want to cook something.

This is what having a structured schedule has done to me.

It would also be nice to figure out how to type polytonic greek on my keyboard and why the method I tried earlier stopped working after the first minute.

Where’s my damn sharpie, I need to write labels….

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One Response to Doing the music now

  1. DO ALLTHE THINGS! –> me on every day off that I ever have, ever. At least I did laundry yesterday, since I hate myself and I’m working 50 hours between Thursday and Sunday.

    …Rogue One: A Story About Suffering.

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