I kind of wish NaNoWriMo wasn’t during the school semester. Not that I think I’d finish, necessarily, but it would be a good thing to try. I’ve got some stories that I want to get back to working on, but I haven’t really had time. Just been too busy with school. Even now, I’m supposed to be writing a paper which I’m putting off while studying for my Greek final instead. Greek final is Tuesday, and the paper is due with my Latin final on Thursday, so it’s not completely ridiculous. It is quite silly, though, that I’m sitting here doing neither of these things.

The fires are out now, I’m told, “around Gatlinburg,” but this could become our new normal, and I am distinctly not looking forward to that. Actually, I’ve been upset the whole time. It was inevitable, I suppose, that they would reach inhabited areas, and that’s when the media would explode, but it’s been over a month, damnit. Well.

I’ll walk the dog now, then it’s back to studying I guess. But then I’ve got some time off and I can work on fun shit again.

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  1. Good luck on your school things.

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