I dunno if I can be a furry anymore. I mean, I like wearing wolf ears and a tail and so on…but that seems to be the only common interest I have with any of the furs I actually talk to. And now there’s a new version of Furgather up. The old version was great. There seemed to be a relative diversity of people on there and I even met a few I got along with. But one thing I didn’t enjoy learning about was the babyfur community. And they practically own the new FG. And this is on top of the anime and electronic music stuff that I know nothing about. Apart from the handful of anime’s I’ve watched, anyway. There’s not really any larger a quantity of conversations I can follow on there than in my daily life, and it feels kinda pointless. Far left radical politics is exhausting but at least there I know what people are prattling on about. Not to mention there’s nobody wearing a freakin diaper or posting pictures of diapers. I can’t handle this kinda shit. I’ve been blocking and hiding people, but it seems I’m just in the wrong corner of the internet there. I never talk to anybody anyway, so I don’t see why I bother. I mean, there’s two people that I met on the old FG that message me sometimes, but they’re hardly ever on. So. Whatever then. *sigh* I miss the old FG so bad. This frightful revenant just isn’t any fun.

I mean, I want to go on there and post about feeling like a shitty student and wondering if I can ever come out to my family (not about being a furry, LMFAO, furry isn’t oppressed) and thinking about gender fluidity and cooking and other things but everyone’s all like techno, anime, and diapers.

Uggh, sorry. I just needed to complain about that and I couldn’t do it over there, since I’d be basically trashing half the membership (or more). And some of these people are perfectly nice, it’s just no. Just no.

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  1. Fitting in is so hard, even with other people who are described as not fitting in. :/

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