Question 5 passed in Maine!

Yup. Maine will be the first state to have instant runoff voting in statewide races. I hope their success can be reproduced all across the country.

Oh yeah, and Trump won the election. Of all the countries we’re going to declare war on, we can at least say that Russia will not be one of them. Thank you Democratic party. Bernie Sanders was crushing trump to bits in every swing state poll, but it was more important to lose with Hillary as the nominee than to win with a “socialist” (note: Bernie is not actually a socialist, he’s just a supporter of the New Deal). So you’re now going to start hearing about bad things happening. Some of them are things that have already been happening, but you won’t hear that. But perhaps now some of them will protest against Trump’s “republican” policies.

In the meantime, I will do my best to get people talking about direct democracy and better representation.

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