Haven’t checked the results

And I’m not going to. Why make the effort when everyone’s going to do it for me? Anyway, I’d sooner watch football than check unofficial election results, and all results will be unofficial for some time.

I don’t know how I want to see people tomorrow. I don’t want to see them happy, because whatever happened will be terrible news for the people of the middle east, and I don’t want to see them sad because it will be for entirely the wrong reason.

There is, or there seems to be, a protest movement growing on the left, and that is where I’ve placed my hopes, because that is the only place they truly belong. The three top candidates for the presidency are far off to the right of me. I can’t feel the same innocent hope for this election that I had eight years ago. Until we destroy the two-party system, direct action will be the way to get things done. And that’s bloody hard work.

I mostly just voted to get Jill Stein to five percent. I’ll find out later if that happened; probably not, though. I found out the results in Kentucky before I realised I couldn’t social media if I wanted to avoid getting spoiled. At that time it was half a percent. Well. I might even bring my headphones tomorrow, hell.

In truth, the result I am most afraid of checking is the IRV initiative in Maine. That’s the only real chance for good news, honestly. I can’t look. And no one will be obsessing over it either. It’s fucking important though.

I’m going to go ahead and pursue a teaching degree. The worst that can come of it is nothing. Plus lots of money in the hole. Nah, it would be a good thing to start a school. Change the world.

People are starting to realise anyway that the old methods aren’t working. Or maybe that’s just the small cadre of activists I’ve been drawn into. Maybe they were always there and there’s not any more of them now than there used to be and nothing will come of any of it. There might even be fewer of them. We’ll continue barrelling off the cliff and the world will become nearly uninhabitable.


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3 Responses to Haven’t checked the results

  1. Cassandra, eh? Very apt.

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