I’m never sure if I can actually get a paper out of what I’m thinking. Last time I was under the minimum word count but I guess I succeeded in making my argument and that covered me. Maybe I just worry too much. It’s just that in a language class, I’m spending most of my time thinking about grammar and vocabulary and then suddenly OH YEAH, PAPER. This seems like a silly way of doing things. In my last German class, we were able to substitute writing stories for many of our papers, and honestly I think that engages you with the language a lot better than literary analysis, which is more, let’s be honest, literature class kinda stuff. I mean, like, I wrote out a full story in six hundred words for Greek (composed it in English, just flows better when you’re a first-year student) and then I sat down and crunched out a Latin translation in the course of an afternoon. I still need to get the whole thing into Greek (the assignment was three sentences and verbs in four different tenses, so that’s as far as I got lmao).

Just by the way, here’s a tumblr that’s all about colin morgan because MERLIN http://fyeahcolinmorgan.tumblr.com/page/8

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