I dropped two classes

Yup. And this infernal university only allows a total of four drops. These are my last two ever; anything more and it’s an automatic fail. I had to be so sure I would gain more than I would lose, and this time I just might. *sigh*

I am sick and tired of this damn advising requirement. I already met with my advisor today, but the system wouldn’t even recognize that I did it until I don’t even know what. I just want to register for the classes I need and get on with it. I don’t see what difference it makes anyway. College is no longer a pathway to success like it was and with the extra strikes against me in my personal history and social skills I’d have better luck picking up a turd by its clean end (gonna miss you Abraham). This enforced advising is so the college can fool people who have no fucking clue what’s really going on into thinking that it’s doing something. Sick of bureaucrats covering their asses. Sick of capitalism. Ready for a new society.

My professor did get it all squared away, and I’ve signed up for my next section of Greek. Alas I’ve completed all the available Latin classes. Prose Comp is the only one I haven’t taken above 200-level (I skipped both semesters of 100-level by teaching myself back in high school and remembering enough to test out). It’s not offered this semester. Maybe next fall, I dunno. Ugh, look at me. I’m already planning to not graduate next year. Well, I don’t know if I’ll be able to. I can’t gamble any more on taking multiple classes. There are two classes I want to take but there’s a time conflict. History of the Roman Republic (!!!) and gender and sexuality in Greece and Rome. G&S is offered only in the fall, I think (nothing in spring, anyway, but there’s a section ongoing now), and Roman Republic conflicts with my Greek class. And I’m going to need at least one language class to keep me going. I just won’t be able to make it otherwise.

Oh the woes of a humanist.

Update on the lizard thing. The member I mentioned who expressed annoyance before has now negged me twice. But one of the posts he negged me for I also got plussed, so ironically I feel even better than if I had only gotten plussed. And I got another plus for I don’t know why, really. It always seems to be the same member plussing me, so I don’t know even what’s the point of it. I’m trying to fool myself into believing these feelings of hopelessness will go away once the election is over and I just can’t do it. I need to quit social media again. That’s all there is to it. I’m tired of hearing about all the things in the world going wrong that I can never fix. We’re all going to die and we’re going to turn the whole planet into a wasteland while we’re doing it. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

Even my goddamn bread is gone. It’s no longer offered in the store I go to, and switching to a new bread isn’t an option either because they’ve discontinued THE PEANUT BUTTER I use. Only brand of peanutbutter I ever saw with exactly one ingredient. And it was reasonably cheap. More than peter pan, but only by two dollars. Now if there’s anything like it it’s probably too expensive. I only looked at the jars that said they were less than eight dollars, and they’ve all got, if nothing else, pointless sugar in them, and usually also some kind of oil that is definitely not peanut oil. I’m too old for PB and J anyway. No use crying over spilt as fuck peanutbutter.

I still eat meat, by the way. But I think I can stop once and for all. I really want to. It’s just sometimes…I just really want some chicken. Plus I’m not going to stop eating pizza any time soon. Ha! So still some cheese in my diet. I’m still funding ranchers who are fighting against the endangered species act, but then so is everyone who pays taxes because private business, don’t know if you knew this, gets a shit ton of handouts from the government. So next time you’re thinking of voting with your feet, just do the cheap thing because you don’t matter.

Well, I guess i better sign off before this rousing pep-talk reaches eight hundred words. The dog is moaning at my door and clearly wants me to walk him and I’m going to do it because even though I hate every thing right now I still care about what I have to do and that’s eight hundred and ten words so fuck.

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3 Responses to I dropped two classes

  1. Just curious…what was the peanut butter brand?

    • Store brand, in fact. Earthfare. There was NO store brand peanut butter. And I get the “old fashioned” kind, because the regular kind has palm oil in it. Palm oil is causing orangutans to be murdered and their habitat to be demolished and soon I suspect they will be gone. Blood on my hands no matter what I do.

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