Something I’ve been doing lately…

I decided that I’d been kidnapped by lizards and started posting on AFN about it. Not sure why, really. But I posted a thread titled “the lizard manifesto” and I took four pages from the draft of the constitution I’m rewriting and I replaced every letter except e, i, f, t, j, z, and h with s. Here’s one paragraph:

se sfffs sessse sf sfffs ssites ststes sf ssesiss, is ssses ts sessse s ssse sesfest fseesss, estsssish jsstise, esssse sssestis tsssssissfffs, ssssise fss sfffs ssssss sefesse, ssssste sfffs sesesss sesfsse, sss ssstest sfffs sstssss essissssest, ssssis sss estsssish this sssstsfffstiss, sesississ sith s ses ssssest sf isssssfffss sssfffss thss sitizesshis, sss ssstississ sith sfffs ssssssitiss sf sssesssest sss s ssief esssesstiss sf ssss ssse sf sfffs isssiesssse sishts sf sesssss sss sfffs sessse!

And then I added this before it

“This was sent to me by an anonymous contact I have been secretly cultivating with the lizards. I fear now they are close to taking action and their existence must be revealed. Time is of the essence! It does not matter now if my cover is blown! I only hope I can finish sending this message before they realise who I am and what i have done. Please take care. Read what they have written in their own words. I am only a messenger. I have but one life to give…”

Now people are talking about David Icke. Also, one guy told me it was stale, and compared it to the ORLY owl. So I changed my avatar to the ORLY owl and posted about stale bread being given to prisoners. “Waste not, want not, that is the lizard way.”

I wonder sometimes how much I’ve really got wrong with me. To what new depths of madness I will sink. . . .

I also dyed my hair green and shaved my face. It’s getting washed out now, so I ordered some replacement dye online…only now I’m thinking of my halloween costume. I don’t think green will work. I’ve got a pair of wolf ears that are grey outside and black inside. I have a black tail…but I decided not to go with the black tail and I ordered a white one with a grey tip instead. And the weekend before Halloween I will dye my hair a silvery blue grey color. And I will wear black clothes and one of these necklaces: Not the green or the red one. Not sure which of the other two, though I’m leaning towards the blue.

No, I don’t get out much, parties are unlikely, now more than ever that I’m sober, but this Halloween is on a Monday, so I’m gonna do my best to look great this year.

Also goddamn cockroaches I want them all dead. I keep finding them in my room. They are disgusting. Parents won’t call the exterminator. I don’t know what to do. They’re awful. I’ve been sucking some of them up in the vacuum cleaner. They are too big to smash–they make a huge disgusting mess. Aaaaaaahhhh make it stop make them go away. Horrible little things.

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  1. I was kinda sad I spent Halloween at work…missed the only holiday that’s ever actually fun to me. :/

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