I just found out–well, was reminded–that a writing contest I was planning to enter has only 17 days left in it.  *sigh* I’ve got less than five hundred words of my entry typed, although I’ve some two or three characters in my head and a general plot outline.  However, there’s another story I’m working on at the same time (because that’s how you get things down–simultaneously and without any clear focus on any of them) which I might be able to squeeze into there.  We’re supposed to react to two covers, and the name of the cover must appear in our story somewhere.  One is “I am,” and the other is “Industrial magic.”  If I miss the deadline I guess I could just send it out to magazines and see if it gets picked up.

Eh.  Just had to say something.  I’m not sure I even have time to be working on this, on top of politics and school and, oh yeah, I’m a member of the school literary magazine now, which I could totally add to my cover letters.  Unless that’s a bad idea.  I dunno.  I might need to take another fiction class.  Well, I’ve got another semester before I can graduate anyway (need six hours in Spring) so I might try tacking one on.

I’ve also observed something about myself.  I seem to mostly do creative work when I’m supposed to be working on school work, so graduating might turn out to be a bad thing.  Then again, it’s a degree in Latin, which means graduate work or nothing.  Nah, it’ll be fine.  Just need to finish this assignment for class by one o’clock today.

Our little splinter group is meeting today, by the way.  Since I’m house-sitting for one of our members–who is currently in Sweden–it’ll be down here where I’m staying.  We’re watching a video on my computer.  We also really need to talk about what we want the group to be.  I found an old thing in my notebook I came up when I was first getting frustrated with our local greens, so I might share it around.  I know some people aren’t going to be interested, though.

Amazing how I also just now typed three hundred sixty words without even thinking about it.  Yet I dawdle over everything else and do everything besides I actually work on them.  Blegh.

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