So I passed out pamphlets at the GP meeting.  It went about like I expect.  People politely accepted them, but no one was the least excited.  It’s weird how little interest they have in changing the very structure that disempowers them.  A lot of Bernie people were there, too; in fact most of them identified as “Berners.”  Well, I can’t obsess over trying to reach people who don’t want to be reached.  I think there was one person who might be really interested in helping get the word out.  Plus there’s a chance we might get the previous Green Party VP pick, Cheri Honkala, to come to an event the local Greens are holding.  Might be a chance for a wider audience, I dunno.  Also, my printer is a piece of shit.  But I’m now going through candidate lists and looking for potential interested “parties” (except for that one guy who is listed as a “white supremacist.”  I think I’ll just ignore him).

But whatever.  School starts soon.  I’ve got “selected readings” for Latin.  Gosh, I can’t wait for our look at Aeneid book IV with respect to Cat 64.  I wrote a paper, you know, about how an American writer was using Dido as a model for one of her characters.  I might end up re-writing that paper in my free time and try to submit it somewhere.

And my friend who ran for governor also once ran for mayor, and I remember her saying several times, “I know he has more of my signs [yard signs] but I can’t ask for them back” or something like that (it was a long time ago, back during the governor campaign).  We wanted to re-use them, like paint them over or something.  We did collect a few two years ago, but not from the guy mentioned.  Well, last night he brought, he said, fifteen signs “to match the number of people at the meeting.”  Hmm.  So there’s no telling how many he’s got.  Now that there’s a presidential election with a lot of interest in Jill Stein, he takes the initiative to bring them out to be re-used, but not for the person whose original campaign they were for and who subsequently needed signs again two years ago.  Isn’t that interesting.

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