Whew.  Ever unfollow someone only because they post too often?  Yeah, I was in a situation where I could only see posts from one person.  It’s not like I didn’t like what they said, there was just too much of it.

So here we are.  I’ve got a meeting of the DSA tomorrow and a meeting of the green party next week, and I’m ready to start handing out pamphlets.  I’ve already posted it in a facebook group, and it’s got my real name on it because I am a crazy person.  So let’s see how long it takes for me to get murdered.

My parents are in Florida of all places, so right now I’ve got the house to myself.  It’s nice not having to wear clothes all the time.  I also had been looking for the plunger, since the drain in my shower was clogged up.  Finally found it today, and so I took aggressive action to get the water moving through the drain again.  Fun stuff, I guess.

…And my printer is out of black ink.  But it kept printing since, I dunno, I guess it figured that the pictures would be enough.  Great.  Five ruined pages.  Uggh.  I’ve never had a printer do that to me before.  “Ink will run out soon.”  Dude, it’s empty.  Fuck.

I’ve been cooking with oyster mushrooms with great success.  There’s this woman at the farmer’s market on saturdays who sells regular white oyster mushrooms, and I wanted to get some more this week (Except I took too long playing Fallout) but the week before I sauteed them with shallots and it was amazing.  I also tried royal trumpets, since they are in the same family, and yeah, just like I heard, they get a nutty flavor when you sautee them.  I added some spaghetti, which may not have been the best choice, but oh well.  It’s already almost gone anyway.

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