Blegh, I keep not blogging.  So hello, wordpress.  Tonight I went to my first real anti-racism meeting 865-SURJ “Showing Up for Racial Justice.”  My motivation for this goes all the way back to Trayvon Martin getting killed, but what brought me there most recently was seeing a nominally leftist group outright complaining about anti-racism and other anti-oppression work.  It showed me where the interests of the white left wing really lie.  Because it’s not just one group that happened to borrow rhetoric from the Weekly Standard.  It’s all the groups I’ve been to.  They’ve been white lead and dominated, and any contact with black people or other people of color has been awkward and quickly aborted.  And some of it is me.  Because I’m not standing up when I’m called.  So now, I dunno, I’ll see where this takes me.

I’ve also made my first pamphlet in support of instant run-off voting.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, but I still need to put a name on it.  I don’t want to use my real name because I want to be able to put it out on the internet without telling the trolls, “Here’s my name, look me up in the phone book and throw eggs at my house” or whatever.  Anyway, I just read a fortune cookie that said, “It is better to ask some questions than to have all the answers,” so there you go I guess.

I will also be taking four classes next semester, as well as working as support staff on a school publication–the lit mag Phoenix.  I’m not going to be paid for it, though.  Well.  I’m still trying to write when I can.  Maybe when I’m out of college I can take a paid job with a journal or something like that.  (Might be pursuing the wrong degree for that, but I think it’ll be okay.  I’ve still taken some good English classes, I think, including a class on persuasive writing.  So again, we’ll see.)

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