My computer table is no longer in the center of my room

I’m now facing the corner with my bed in it instead of the window; which means I can actually see the window better, since my computer screen is no longer in the way.  I don’t know if it’s just because I’m not used to it, but it seems I just have to move my furniture around everytime I’ve gotten my room tidy (well, bedroom floor; I still have to do my desk and the lids of my chests and the tops of my bookshelves and…well, you get the idea).  I’ve picked out some clothes and even some books to try and sell or throw away, and I’ve learned of someone holding a rummage sale, so I might be able to dump my old stereo off on him.  The cd-player in it broke long ago, but it still can play cassette tapes.  Not that I’ve got any.  But maybe the old fogies at the rummage sale can find a use for it.  I’ve also reconstituted an old internal-to-external IDE hard drive adapter.  I might try plugging in some of the ancient IDE CD-drives I’ve got lying around.  At least some of them still work.

Dunno if I mentioned this, but my sister moved out of her room, and into an apartment, and now I want to set up an art studio in her old room.  Dad does not like the idea because he wants it to be a guest room that will stay empty 350-360 days of the year because he thinks I’m going to make it too messy.

Of course getting everything tidied up in here has been a long-term project of mine that includes finding space for the things I want to keep–space I don’t always have ready–and getting rid of things I don’t want.  I’ve posted about this many times before, and I’m still not done, but I’m making progress now.  I’m not burned out from school and I don’t have a whole lot of homework either, so I should be able to complete large portions of the job.  I’ve also got old clothes hanging around that I could potentially sew together and cause to be wearable once again…or not.  They are mostly rags, afterall.

Other things I am up to…went to a meeting with Platypus, which is a Socialist-Marxist reading group.  I thought maybe it would be good to become more familiar with the general literature, although it seems to me that it’s mostly a structural critique, and so far a lot of what hasn’t been history has been things I’ve heard of before.  But as I learn more, I start to feel like I’m not really much of an anarchist, and my socialist leanings don’t define my ideology either because socialism just isn’t sufficient to describe the different forms of oppression we experience.  I’ve come across terms like “manarchism” and “white feminism” which describe the inadequacies of single-facet anti-oppression movements, and I see the same kinds of things in the predominantly white male socialist circles I frequent.  In typical southern fashion, just this week the local DSA removed a provision that required at least one woman or minority be part of the leadership from the draft of their bylaws before they were willing to accept it and become an official local chapter.  We’ve talked about ways to increase minority involvement, but I question the group’s sincerity and dedication.  But maybe I’ll be proven wrong on that.

I stopped eating meat for a while, then I started again, and now I’m going back to stopping.  I’ve got some bacon in the fridge right now and that’s about all that’s left.  After that, I’m considering redrafting two recipes I’ve tried: mushrooms with rice, and ratatouille.  To the ratatouille I would like to add quiñoa to the pipinade sauce, and with the mushrooms/rice I’d like to add zucchini, yellow squash, and old bay seasoning.

Now I have to walk the dog.


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