Why am I not writing anything?  What is wrong with me?  I’ve got all these ideas, and all this time to implement them and I’m not doing it.  I’ve been posting on forums and watching youtube videos and netflix and re-reading Stephen King novels in chronological order (yaaaassss) but I haven’t written an actual word in days.  What in the world could be stopping me?

in fairness to myself, I’ve been going through old crap, digging up all the old alphabets that I once made and never bothered with again.  It’s kind of making my room more messy instead of less, but I’m able now to get rid of things that I was keeping just so I could copy stuff off of it, so, yay, kinda, I guess?  Ah, whatever.  I’m going to be posting my alphabets on deviantArt because storing things on the internet takes up less space.  Or something.

I’ve also taken to sleeping during the day.  Which is fine by me, honestly.  The daytime sucks.

But I am going to write more soon.  Definitely going to.  I just need to pick something and focus on it for long enough.  And not get distracted.

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  1. I’m kind of ashamed…two of my friends have asked recently if I’m still writing, and…nope. Just nonsense blog posts…

    Maybe I’ll get back to it sometime this summer, eh?

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