End of semester stuff and summer

So, my final grades are mostly in.  All but one class is posted on myutk; the other one is on blackboard.  I’ve got two A’s, a B, and a C.  I also applied to be an editor of the school’s lit mag and had my first interview in almost a decade.  Maybe I should have researched interviews beforehand so that at least one or two questions didn’t catch me completely off-guard.  I’ll hear back about it in June or July.  Other than that, I am done with everything from school until fall starts.

I’ll be taking beginning Greek in the fall.  I’m not entirely sure why.  I’m also giving serious thought to taking another creative writing class.  That would put me in four classes total, three of which would be upper-division.

There is literally nothing over the summer for me to take, so I’m going to spend the time writing and maybe learning how to draw.

Also, I think I’m mostly done with that anti-football/wolf-transformation story.  I mention this because some people (one person) said they might be interested in hearing more about it.  The whole thing’s kinda ridiculous, and I’m not sure anyone would be willing to publish it since it rags so hard on football fans, but I’m gonna submit it to places anyway, just to see what happens.  There’s also now a strong current of heavy metal running through it, just to warn you, which might make it even harder to publish.  But hell.  I had a lot of fun with it.

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5 Responses to End of semester stuff and summer

  1. Yay ridiculous! 😀
    Also…why not rag on football fans? Sports-types have no shame.

    • Well, if you’d like to read it I can email it to you. Same email address and everything?

      • Sure. I’ll read it. My email is still the same. 🙂
        Granted, I may be slightly busier than usual for the next week…but I’m thinking Wednesday is when I’ll have a little time to myself to do some things like reading. (Eventually I’ll get to the end of For Whom The Bell Tolls, too…)

      • Yeah, I kinda figured you were super-busy. I’ll send it to you anyway. Take your time.

      • Waiting around at airports always furnishes you with time to get those sorts of things done. I sent a message back about it, but it was pretty brief. Let me know if you had any specific questions.

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