I shouldn’t let this bother me

What is the deal with the 183 pageviews I got on deviantArt on May first?  Why did that happen?  Nobody posted on any of my deviations or my journals, I didn’t get any faves, and I just generally wonder why I even bother.  Because whatever people are looking at, they don’t seem to like it.  And why were there so many?  What could have brought them there?  Because it wasn’t anything I did, that’s for sure.  I posted two alphabets and a story in German on the twenty third last month.  And my really dumb story was posted as a journal because screw it.  Nothing since then.  Either one person looked 183 times because they hated me that much, or 183 people came, took one look, decided they hated everything, and then left.  But where the fuck did they all come from?  It makes me really want to have a new journal entry up.

In the meantime, I’ve been procrastinating on the papers that I was lucky enough to get delayed until the day of the final because I’m still too wiped and disinterested to write anything that doesn’t suck and my damn dog is being a jerk outside of my bedroom door and I need to walk him.  I’m just really frustrated.  I’ve got two pages and one paragraph that doesn’t really belong anywhere yet on a six-page paper due thursday at I think three, and zero out of 750 words in German due at five the same day, and five hundred out of a thousand words due eight in the morning the day after.  Plus I’ve been getting make-up sleep, so around ten to twelve hours a night.  I need to spend the next couple of days setting my alarm clock, just so I can get to school at eight on Friday.

Then it will all finally be over.

Until fall.  Fuck.


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One Response to I shouldn’t let this bother me

  1. I feel that way about blog posts here, tbh. I have this big ol’ list of people who “followed” my blog, but you and one other person are the only ones who actually interact with me. It’s kind of obnoxious. :/

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