April fools

It took place for me mostly on the internet.  I woke up listening to some outlandish news stories on the radio-alarm.  I hope that never goes away.  Part of the fun is that some of them actually sounded plausible and some did not, seeing which was which.  But that might only have been the fact that I’d just woken up.

Class was normal.  Probably a good thing.  Then, since I had an advising meeting scheduled so long after class was over, I got on the internet and altered two of my profiles and posted on two forums to say I was a bunny now instead of a wolf.  And I posted this picture


I have a tendency to consider myself funnier than I actually am.

And advising was…weird.  I haven’t got a plan to become a teacher, obviously, and the speed with which I am graduating is nothing to write home about.  But at least I can register.  You know, this requirement to get advising every semester would have helped me out a lot ten years ago.  But that was then.  And I need to think about questions that I’ve known since middle school I should be thinking about and I still haven’t got answers.  I’ve been told that I shouldn’t expect to gain entry into academia, so I guess I won’t.  And the topics I want to research have been beaten to death–Indo-european linguistics, classical Latin, please, you think you something special?  Ha!

So my adviser wasn’t too happy to learn that next semester I’d be starting Greek.  I told him I’d published a story (God, why can’t I stop doing that?  Wasn’t there a reason I decided to have a pseudonym in the first place?) and he congratulated me.  I told him I wanted to be a writer.  Because I do.  And I want to study the classics.  And linguistics.  There’s a lot of precedent.  I just need to hope I’ve got the technical abilities.  And I need to buckle down and write the damn papers I’ve been avoiding.  They are likely the last two I will have until the end of Lyric Poetry.  Unless there’s a third aufsatz brewing in German class, in which case I’ll write another story in a foreign language.  And to be honest, I’m really impressed with myself for doing that, despite my copious grammatical mistakes.

I’ve gone back to rambling now.

It seems there’s two semesters left of writing fiction courses.  I am still unsure of whether or when to take them.  I could graduate so fast.  Faster than I thought I could when I talked to my professor about the school publications.  I wonder if they’d let me use my pseudonym.  But on what?  Eh, dunno.  Eek it’s three in the morning.  And I’ve spent most of a post titled “April Fools” talking about school.

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3 Responses to April fools

  1. Your title vs the content of the post is the April Fool’s part, eh? 😛

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