My heart sank when I got the assignment.  Another «aufsatz» was due on the same day as the deadline of the contest I was trying to enter.  I knew I wouldn’t have time to finish my story by then.  If spring break had come just one week earlier, then I’d have it done by now.

However, I had once again the option of writing a story, this time an alternate ending to a traditional German kids’ tale about Max and Moritz.  I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to manage that, but I just wrote about eight hundred ninety words of actual German and it only took me four and a half Rammstein albums to do it.

I came close to saying, “Screw my grades!” and entering the contest, but of course I’m not going to get money out of it even if I win, so it’s better that I got something done for school.  I guess.

Since “Max and Moritz” is told in pounding trochaic couplets and our professor told us not to rhyme it, I came very close to writing it in blank trochaic pentameter, but then I realised that that would probably count for the same thing.  Despite my growing appreciation for poetry (at least structured poetry) I’m probably not advanced enough to start writing it in German yet anyway.

So the deadline is precisely today, but maybe if I get it in by midnight it will be okay…except I probably won’t.  But I can try.  I spent four hours on nearly a thousand words today, so maybe I have it in me afterall.

I gotta tell you something about Rammstein, though.  ,,Bratwurst in dein sauerkraut” is an incredibly gross metaphor for sex.  Really damn gross.  Knowing Rammstein it’s probably intentional but still.

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