Didn’t finish my story, but I did revise an older one.  I like that.  I changed some things about it that have been annoying me for a while, and funnily enough it ended up shorter.  I guess I’ve been learning how to revise downwards.  Last time I worked on it was around two months ago.  Not a bad rest period, maybe.  I should consider that.

One day. . . .

I last visited the story I’m working on now even longer ago, but it was so far from being finished, I can’t really count this as a rest period.  I think that’s why I’m struggling to “improve” it.  I need to finish it first.  Got some fun stuff in there, and I’m only going to post it on dA, so whatever.

I thought I was going to go to bed at eleven or so tonight, but here it is two thirty and I’m as intensely awake now as I was groggy before.

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One Response to Whoo.

  1. Woo, yay for the nocturnal life! (j/k…it’s awful)

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