Goals for March

Maybe I should start having these.

Deadline for the contest was originally tomorrow, but we’ve been given a week’s extension.  Not that it makes much difference, since spring break doesn’t start until the week after that.  Maybe I could ask for another extension.  I dunno.

I want to do some more drawing.  Maybe…reduce my internet?  I need to be online less, because it sucks up a lot of my time and I don’t end up creating anything.  Plus I’m behind a little in some of my classes, so I’d like to get caught up.

Last night, I went to bed somewhat before midnight and I slept all the way through the night.  If I could make that a habit, that would be a good goal.  Except I’m sleepy right now and I shouldn’t be.  I need to resist that or having slept all night long last night won’t mean anything.

I suppose the first thing I got to do is get out of the habit of napping after school.  That starts today.

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