I just got my first visitor from the Netherlands.  Hello there.  Sorry I’m not writing as much lately, so you had to go through my archives, but my sleep problems have peaked again and I still have schoolwork to deal with.

I got some very encouraging remarks from my professor today on a draft of my paper.  I am also very excited to be reading Toni Morrison.  She is absolutely brilliant with amazing clarity.  Not a hint of magniloquence, unlike dear Edith Wharton.  I have a rant about Wharton’s House of Mirth, by the way, which I have not posted online anywhere.  I’m not sure I really ought to post it, but the long and short of it is I don’t like her.

Alas yesterday I missed class because I was in bed.  So it’s five o’clock now, and I think I might go to bed after showering.

I am pretty sure I posted on here somewhere that I was bisexual, but I’m bringing it up again because there was an old forum I was on that I left around the time I started figuring it out and I didn’t tell anyone on there.  I had the idea people in my life would find out, but I’m actually pretty sure my family has no idea what any of my online identities are.  So I went over there and I started posting again and told everybody a little bit about it.

I’ve also been working on the football dystopia story, even though I’m supposed to be working on a thousand kinds of homework.  It is seven pages, likely to be reduced.  Very likely.  I’m struggling with a character’s name right now.

Whooeeeoop.  Bye.

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9 Responses to Wow.

  1. I remember learning deconstruction theory and repeating again and again that one of their main concepts is that the word is not the thing itself…but I have a notion that they might be wrong where “magniloquence” is concerned.

    …what kind of character are you naming?

    • Technically I’ve already named the character, but I’m thinking of some edits that might make it work better for a contest I’m trying to enter. Basically a reference to Circe. A shape-shifter/witch. Also a killer bassist. Only because I think it might work better for a contest I’m entering. I’ve already called the area that they’re in “Aiaia,” which is the name of Circe’s island. I dunno. I’m starting to think I’m being silly. I suspect the terms of the contest are somewhat looser than I’m interpreting them.

      • That sounds like a thing I’d do. I feel like I always over-think character names because I want them to mean something and save me the trouble of explaining certain things about the character…

      • Yeah…I don’t think I can use it to teach anything about the character without making me look like I’m trying not to be obvious and failing, so I’m just going to keep the same name. I’d be using a phonetic rearrangement, except I’d be using the Greek pronunciation instead of the Anglicized/Romanized version (Kir-kay instead of sir-sea). Whoever wasn’t confused would think I was pretentious.

      • Another way around that is to shorten it to a nickname. Like calling her Cee…the way Katherine becomes Kate, or Elizabeth becomes Liz. Depends on how you want other characters to sound when they interact with her, too.

      • I was thinking of either Kayla Kier or Elizabeth Kirk. Of course the latter would be a Star Trek reference. She IS in a position of leadership…

      • Kier would probably be a better choice in this instance, because of Star Trek, but also because a kirk is a church.

      • Ooh, yeah, and since I know German people might make the church connection if they ever do a “close reading” of my work. Hehe, like if that ever happens it definitely won’t be any time soon, but it’s fun to think about.

      • For once, I wasn’t even thinking of them…I was thinking of the Scots and the north Englanders. 😛

        But hey–one mustn’t discount the possibility of students decades from now being forced to do close readings of one’s work!

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