Well, I just went downstairs after finishing my German homework to find that my dog hadn’t been fed (he overturned his bowl, and his pill for today was still in the case).

Then I noticed that there was less than a quarter of a meal left in the dogfood bag, and there was nothing in the pantry or the garage.  I guess somewhere along the line I just got used to that being taken care of.  Even if I didn’t say anything, someone would notice that we were almost out.  But I’ve also been doing the feeding for several months now, so I guess it really was up to me.

So I had to go out at midnight and pick up a small bag of food that he’s not used to eating–his normal brand apparently is not available at the one place that I know sells dog food at one in the morning.  I’m leaving it on the counter, so everyone will notice.  I gave him one cup for tonight, and I can give him one cup in the morning, and either bug my mother into getting his more accustomed food, or bugging her for money so I can get it myself.  And I guess as I use up the other bag, I can mix it in so it doesn’t go to waste.  Whee.

Also!  Gah, I’ve been wanting to say this.  If anyone knows at all yet, it’s my German teacher.  Since we’re looking at Fairy tales and children’s stories in my German class–and it’s all German-language too, even the grammar–I could either look at the fairy tales we’ve discussed in class and analyse them in German, or I could write a fairy tale of my own in German.  Yeah.  So guess what I did.

I wrote a gay furry romance.  I did.  I really did.  And it’s in German, which a language I’m still very clumsy with, so it’s probably even more hilarious than that.  Then again, I started out with zombies, then I had time-travel, and then I did dragons, and none of that seems to have fazed her, so gay furries might not be such a big step afterall.  (she might also suspect me of not knowing the feminizing suffix –in, so there is that).

And it might owe a liiittle bit less to Germanic fairy tales than it does to classical myth (or to Shakespeare, really.  I mean, come one.  Romeo and Juliet).  And I may have quoted a Blüe Öyster Cült song.  Just maybe.  But that’s not the only thing I’m being graded on, so yay.

It’s also the first thing I’ve written which was totally furry, so there’s that as well.  I may translate it into English and post it on FA at some point.  Actually, I definitely will.  I liked this story.

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  1. Haha. I remember writing stuff and wondering what my professors must think of me…if anything, they usually seemed amused. I never turned into a furry story, but I did have one where my prof. told me he thought it was going to take a Kafkaesque turn and suddenly the main character would wake up to find he had become the pet dog… pbbbbbt 😛

    • LOL. I’ve only read one Kafka story (“Metamorphosis,” naturally), so I can’t comment intelligently about the pet dog story, but I imagine it would have turned out very differently from poor Gregor’s fate.

      • Yeah, I am pretty sure that’s the one my professor had in mind…and you’re kind of right, I think. The opposite was intended in my story…instead of being repulsed by my narrator, the intention was for other characters to find him more endearing…but I guess people possessing puppy-like qualities is unnerving for some normal humans. (Bah.)

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