A Couple of Drawings I Did


The fox is from this photograph: http://fav.me/d9iwf1h

I wish I could take pictures of that quality.

The dethbus as far as I know is from the diseased recesses of my own mind, but you must remember that this is a mind which has watched Metalocalypse, and which has also undergone a certain degree of physical and chemical trauma.  I may have forgotten something.  Anyway, it’s the bus you ride on the way to your deth.  Yay.  I think it could maybe double as an ice cream truck, and sell ice cream cones with scoops shaped like skulls and toppings shaped like femurs and vertebrae.  You can also buy candy pelvises and popsicles shaped like human ribs.

I don’t know why I’m posting these everywhere.  Within a matter of weeks I will be embarrassed and horrified of them.  But right now I’m actually kinda stoked.

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