I’m not going to say my compositions in German are particularly good, but I enjoy writing them.  Maybe I’ll put them on the internet too, so people can laugh at them.

In addition to not eating meat, I have also resolved to draw foxes every day this month (same as how I did wolves before).  It’s only the third, but I’ve already skipped a fox.  No meat though, so I’m okay there.  I thought about cutting out all dairy–which means no pizza and no icecream.  But since ice cream and pizza would be the only things I was dropping, I decided it didn’t bloody well matter if I cut out dairy so I decided not to.

I’m not really a vegetarian, but I unlike my parents I don’t feel the urgent need to eat meat at the majority of my meals, and every time I hear about things going badly for wolves it makes me want to give it up entirely.  I feel I can make a small impact by reducing the demand for agriculture, and eating less meat does do that–I don’t have the exact numbers, but to raise an animal for food, you have to grow food that the animal eats, and most of the energy in that food is used up by the animal’s metabolism.  It’s more efficient to grow plants and feed humans with them directly.  It’s not really a political statement; merely the most basic thing you can possibly know about biochemistry.

I don’t think it’s wrong to eat meat, but I still feel a little pang of guilt when I do.  I feel like my money is going towards things that I don’t support.  Lobbying against the endangered species act.  Those gun people up in Oregon trying to usurp public property for private use.

I would kind of like a burger right now, though.  A really big one.  I’m going to try not to think about that.

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