As often happens, I’ve been away from my dear blog again.  I had a moment of solid decision last week.  The fifth class I signed up for was an hour or so after the one before it, and I ended up driving home again during rush hour with the sun right in my face.  Of course I did stay after a little bit since there was a talk about Chinese poetry in the library.  But the day of our second class period, I was tired and bored and I honestly felt like I was spreading myself too thinly.  Plus I didn’t want that much time between classes.  So I dropped it.  It’s now just Midieval Latin, Lyric Poetry, Women in Lit, and German.

I’ve got Latin and Lit well in hand–hah, “well in hand.”  The first two books we are reading were written right about the turn of the 20th century.  Pre-Hemingway, in other words.  He’s often pointed out as a game-changer, and if you read The Old Man and the Sea and, well, anything that was written in the century or so before it you can really tell.  There’s also this strange reliance on indirect discourse for conversation.  Indeed there’s a lot of indirectness, a lot of vague narration.  Unless we’re describing table settings.  Nothing is left to the imagination there.  They read kind of like drafts.

I’m rather behind in German.  It’s a reading class, which makes it easier, but we are reading a lot.  It’s much less, actually, than I’m expected to read in Lit class, but it’s more than Midieval Latin, which is a 400-level course.  The grammar in German is rather simpler, and I’ve gotten through a few more pages over the course of a couple days, but I’m very far behind.  Maybe I can catch up, but I’m probably going to have to skip some things.  I’ve gotten through five pages, but I’m supposed to have three times that.  Hopefully I can get into a rhythm and my speed will improve.

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  1. I still think it’s a miracle that I only ever got woefully behind in one class in college…Shakespearian lit…such a tragedy… *bored to death*

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