The box war

Yes.  There are several boxes in my room, several of which I’ve been keeping in order to get my stuff more organized and reduce the amount of crap I am holding onto for no reason at all.  Of course this plan failed, as does any such plan that does not involve just putting things in the goddamn trash.

So now I am going to go through and start emptying boxes.  Most of them are piled up in front of my window, although there’s probably a few in the closet as well.

Ugh, so many books that need a spot on the shelf.  And some of which (*gasp!*) I could even stand to get rid of.  Especially out-of-date textbooks that I picked up on impulse and never bothered reading (seriously, brain, what the hell).  Clothes I need to get rid of, and a few pairs of pants that I still plan on fixing.  As soon as I can find the sewing kit, which is also lost in that mess over there.

And all of this naturally gathers dust, so it makes my room less clean overall.

I may keep some of the boxes for genuine storage purposes, but first I have to actually find a place for them.  I may not be able to do that.  I may not be able to get rid of everything I don’t need.  But their scheming is at an end.  Soon, I will rain destruction down upon them.

Also, my wolf calendar finally came in the mail.  I also got a “little wild ones” calendar and a sierra club calendar, which means I have two extra.  Of course, now that the wolf calendar is here, that’s the one up on the wall.  Obviously.  So…I need to find someone I can lend the other calendars to (I’m deliberately keeping ahold of calendars now, so I can use them as references for drawings.  Totally valid reason!)

I’m going to go walk the dog now.  Good bye.

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