Yeah.  Stuff’s been happening.  A few weeks ago, I was flossing and a big chunk of one of my teeth came flying out of my mouth.  I was significantly less than pleased about this.  Anyways, after two dentist appointments I now have a temporary cap on it.  I’ll be getting a permanent one on the 25th.

Also, I have made up a calendar based on the calendar of Numa Pompilius.  That’s the one that Julius Caesar reformed.  I’m keeping the same year length as the Gregorian calendar (365.2425; that is to say that years divisible by 100 but not 400 won’t be leap years) but I’m going back to the old school Roman system of counting down to the Kalends, the Nones, and the Ides of each month.  Also, there are three more “short” months (Caesar actually lengthened these months by two days) and the other short months will be 29 days long (these months each had only a single day added).  So that leaves ten days, which just happens to be the number of days between the date in the Julian calendar that Isaac Newton was born in Great Britain and the date that it was on the European Mainland at the time, which had already switched to the Gregorian calendar.  So there’s now a ten-day period from Christmas until 4 January that will be called “Newton.”

Why yes, I am a nerd.  Why do you ask?

Also, one of my professors was at the meeting for the local branch of the DSA yesterday.  That was pretty cool.  I’ve got her for another class starting next week.

Oh yeah, and everybody went home just a few days after Christmas.

Winter break is such an exciting time.

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3 Responses to Whoo

  1. I never made my own calendar, but I definitely kept track of things using months and dates from Tolkien’s fiction for a while…because being a nerd really is fun that way.

  2. It’s what we do over here in the land of nerddom…put all of our favourite things together and make other people go, “wth?”

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