Ah, been a while since I blogged again.  My brother’s and my sister’s families are both packed into my parents’ house, along with my sister in law’s parents.  I haven’t really been spending more time in my room than usual, but I’m a little on edge just the same.

Also, GOG apparently got hold of both the Quake series (minus Quake IV, but that’s okay) as well as Doom.  So I may have ended up spending some money on myself, lol.  Sue me why don’tcha.  The early Fallout games have returned as well, but I didn’t re-buy them since my access to the files for the old ones never stopped being valid after I bought them a few years ago, and there doesn’t seem to be any new material available; in fact, some of the reviews said there was less than was offered back then, before the rights went to their new company (which GOG now has a contract with, apparently).  But I have new hopes that the other games in the series may come to GOG.  Maybe.

I also made a “symbolic adoption” of a red wolf.  Basically it’s just a gimmick for wildlife organizations to get donations.  But I got this calendar now with baby animal pictures on it and a fact sheet and this adorable plush red wolf that I kind of want to keep.  I’m keeping it a secret from my nieces for now, in case one of them decides she wants it.

Shut up, I’m totally an adult.  No, you be quiet now.

Oh maaaaan got my whole floor picked up at last.  It’s amazing how little I want to sneeze now.  I think I’m allergic to dust.  I still need to clear off the tops of all the furniture in here, but I got a whole lot done and I’m a little bit proud of myself.  Next part is a little harder, though.  I got a lot of clothes I need to get rid of, and I’m hoping to donate to a secular organization that isn’t as big of a scam as Goodwill.  Also, there are pants I’ve been meaning to sew back together, but I lost the needle and thread.  I suppose I could buy new ones.  On the other hand, I could easily wind up finding it as I clean up the piles of junk sitting on my window sill and desk.

Finally, I have been making drawings again, and on Christmas my brother in law is taking us to see Star Wars.  He’s seen it three times already–real big star Wars fan–but he hasn’t seen it in Imax yet and for some reason needs to.  Okay then.  Since I’ll be there, I’ll be able to provide some perspective on why you should not mistreat employees especially on a very busy day, especially on a very busy day that most people expect to have off.

I think that’s pretty much everything.

Except oh yeah, I got an A, and A-, and a B.  So my GPA this semester was 3.67, which is supposed to mean something I guess.  Next semester I’m taking four classes.  I need someone to tell me that that is not a stupid idea.  Hey, I’m getting my upper divisions out of the way.  So hooray.

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  1. Wolves! (I’d totally be keeping my plushie…no shame…)

    And for real–no perspective needed. Just tell people to be a damned decent human being and all will be well. And if anyone says otherwise, tell them your Wolf friend who manages a theatre and always wants to punch people for being so dumb over popcorn and tickets.

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