So I have a couple of failing harddrives.  They aren’t really that far gone, except that after using them over the course of a semester, they end up messing up right when I need to print a file stored on them.  But if I leave them unplugged for a while, they seem to work okay again.  Until they go back messing up.

Well, I have finally bought myself a new drive, and not a refurbished one, and not one with moving parts either.  I got my first SSD, which basically just means it uses a modified form of flash memory, kind of like a jump drive or the memory card in a camera.  Only those are worse for installing a computer operating system on (and I remember hearing that mechanical disks with their moving parts are still better than SSD’s for that purpose, but SSD’s are not as bad as a jump drive… or something).

I was reluctant to try it, actually, but I’ve had enough.  These disks are not that old and they shouldn’t be messing up at all.  But every time I order one through the mail they just don’t seem to last.  Not as long as the ones from inside a whole new machine, anyway.  I’m convinced it’s the moving parts inside them.  Something happens during shipping that is special to these hard drives.  Maybe they are more careful with the big computer towers that they ship to stores like Best Buy.  Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m the one buying them.  Whatever it is, I’m done.

Spent more money than I meant to; I was looking at one drive which was a certain price, and was just about to complete my transaction when I noticed that the price had gone up while I was still in the process of buying it.  Well, fuck you too!  I’ll get a different drive.  This one will hold all the data on all of my drives now, and I can get those recycled.  Damn things.  Too old.  Old fashioned.  Something.  I get the new one in the mail today.

Also, my mom said I should try and sell my flash that I turned in (picked the shorter one, a mere four hundred seventy words).  Hmm.  I did get an entry picked that I submitted to a “challenge” on dA; only there were seven entrants (including me) and three winners, so I had a fifty-fifty chance already, and also was the only one to submit a story lol.  So I’m not reading too much into that one.  But I got some positive feedback on another version of it, and I’m awaiting feedback on the dA version as well, so we’ll see.

I was okay with these classes being “character focused” earlier, because I thought that was my greatest handicap, but now, after a few tries, I’ve come to feel that I struggle the most with plot.  So I’ve got some that I think were resolved in a more or less satisfactory fashion which I am hanging onto for now.  And others…I will keep working on.  Some things I am willing to post on the intarwebs, and some things I really want to try and submit somewhere first.

Also, just thought I’d like to remind everyone that I’m crazy.  As if you couldn’t tell.

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  1. Also, this is my hundredth post on WordPress, which apparently means something. Yay, I guess.

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