Well.  Haven’t thought about camping in a while.  I was talking to someone on FA and they mentioned they missed camping.  And I realised that it’s literally been several years since I camped out anywhere.  Probably back before they closed the good camping sites in Lilly.  Kinda sad, too, since I had been going out there since I was a child.  Somehow or other, I will have to find a new place.  But during the summer.  Not much of a fan nowadays of going out when it’s cold.  Guess I kinda turned into a wimp along the way somewhere.  I’ll also have to get used to being dirty again.  Maybe I can switch to only one shower a day.  Just wake up, stay funky, then wash off before bed.

Ooh, I forgot to mention!  Couple of weeks ago, invited a guy to dinner with me and my family for my birthday.  He declined, but suggested we go to a sushi place later in the week.  Just dinner, I think.  So I had octopus sashimi, and it was awesome.  We also had Stephano’s pizza.  I’m not sure about his politics, though.  I mean, I know I can sound a little over-the-top sometimes, and I’ll even play that up, but I don’t think anyone would get the picture that I support the domination of one person by another.  Aaand…I don’t want to be the sort of person who would avoid someone because I don’t agree with their views.   I find that sort of thing totalitarian and anti-American.  But I do get a little impatient with some of the complaints about the newer civil rights initiatives.  In particular, the ones where it’s all presented as so ridiculous that they take it for granted I’m opposed to them myself.  But it’s not ridiculous.  These are the things that people live with every day.  We might not have the same perspective on it, but the lived experience of thousands of Americans should not be dismissed so easily.  Just because I’m a guy does not mean I’m mad at Anita Sarkeesian, and just because I’m white does not mean I find blacklivesmatter tiresome and irrelevant.

Well, I need to get back to redrafting my story.  I got one that counts, but I’m using it as a fall-back, since I cut out the same thing I did last time.

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