Apparently I’ve got a birthday

I’m still not used to being twenty seven.  I was asked and I had to think about it.  First number that came to me was twenty six.

Tomorrow I will eat at my favorite restaurant.  Tonight I will sit alone in my room or be awkward around family.   Actually, I am thinking of going to bed.  Haven’t been sleeping well lately, as usual.  But day after tomorrow, I will have a nice four-day weekend.

Things I have done for school:

Wrote four and a half stories (as well as began several fragments which I may get to when I have time).  One of which was totally inappropriate for class, so I didn’t turn it in.  One of which involved a football dystopia and the main character turns into a wolf.  I regret nothing.

Wrote something like thirty responses to assigned reading (and I’ve got, fuck me, four more, but they aren’t due for another week).

Started on my revision for class.  (only need to revise one story, lucky me).  Had an impromptu talk with my professor about that one, though I didn’t bring a copy of the original or the revision.  Said I would schedule time on Monday, I think, to come and talk about it more.

Went completely off the rails more than once.  Luckily I don’t think anyone noticed.

Reread the Aeneid.  More sedately this time.

Read Tacitus’s Agricola

Got a little over halfway through The Golden Ass by Apuleius (still working on it, but it’s an enjoyable read)

Read somewhat less of Livy’s History, Book I than was assigned in class, this time in English (but apparently I remember enough from Latin 251 that I haven’t missed anything there)

Wrote a four-page paper about a minor character in the Aeneid.  This was fun because I got to use the Odyssey as a resource.

Translated a bunch of Sallust.  Good God man!

Translated a bunch of Cicero.

Memorized the first fifteen lines of In Catilīnam by Cicero.  Seriously.  And recited them aloud.  Took me four tries, but I got an A on it so there.  I still have to write a paper fewer than five pages in length dealing with Cicero’s speech.  Need to read it in English.

Things I have done not for school:

Fell in love with the one album of Ensiferum I have (gaaawwwd this music)

Really started reading furry fiction–first a fantasy trilogy about griffins and wolves (then dragons join starting in book II) and now a gay romance because why not.

Drew a handful of things, apart from the challenge in September, some of them unreferenced.

Took some photographs–not as many as I might have.  I am starting to rethink certain aspects of my pictures.  They are attractive, but not very original.

Read Stephen Jay Gould’s Wonderful Life: the Burgess Shale and the Nature of History.  A section several pages long is missing, including descriptions of several organisms.  First edition, I guess.

I may have mentioned this, but I commissioned an art.  The first one I ever did, and from my favorite artist too.

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8 Responses to Apparently I’ve got a birthday

  1. Football dystopia?? I want to know more about that one…

    • Basically, in the future, redneck football fascists take over the town I live in (which I’ve renamed godwinville) but the action of the story all takes place outside of town. In fact it, and another story that takes place before it, came out of that dream I wrote about earlier this year. I’m planning to rewrite the fuck out of both of them, though. Soon as the semester is over.

      • That sounds like a truly terrible place.

      • My professor told me that some of it looked like satire, but he couldn’t tell which parts of it to take seriously and which parts not to. Which I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it honestly made my day.

      • heh…what was your intention, overall?

      • I can’t say that I really had one. There were definitely some things that I threw in there just for the sake of having the joke, which might have worked if it had been funny, but I’m not sure it was. But like I said, it badly needs to be re-written.

      • Jokes in writing are hard. Like, I did that kind of thing in my nonfiction class where we were always having to write about ourselves and then read the essays to the class…and the jokes that worked when I was doing readings didn’t seem to work when someone read it without hearing me read it because they couldn’t pick up on the inflections that made the jokes humorous…it was a weird problem.

      • That’s because people insist on reading everything in this dull monotone. It drives me crazy.

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