Surprisingly unpleasant dream (I think)

Two people I wish I’d never met.  Dido and Sychaeus (not actual names)

Had a dream about them both.  They rarely appear simultaneously, as I’ve mostly divorced their connection to each other from my conscious mind.  But I know it was there now as well as I knew it then, and I let it torture me for so long.  I ought to have gotten out so much longer ago than I did.  I never once forgave either one of them, but one was easier to ditch than the other.  I was also living in denial, refusing to think about it, refusing to accept the logical conclusion.

So now they both show up in my dream.  I’m hiding her in my room again, but we’re both sober now (lol, Her becoming sober?  Well, it could happen.  Happened to me) and she gets caught, and I actually convince my parents to give her a chance helping with a dinner party later while I’m in school.  But somehow I end up missing school and going to the party instead.

And somewhere along the way my alarm goes off.  I can hear it, but I can’t find it in order to turn it off (Still dreaming here) and I’ve got this ridiculous number of different stereos.

So I’m pulling batteries out of all of them, and it’s still going on, and I can’t figure out why. But she takes me downstairs and there’s this thing with the batteries. I lose some of them, I think, and I’m scrabbling around trying to find them, but at the same time I’m freaking out about that alarm and why I can’t turn it off. And I realise at some point that everyone in the room really thinks I’m stupid, instead of just acting silly. So I leave the room and go upstairs to be by myself. And maybe there is something up there that will help me.

So on I go, and there is music too, now, but it’s deth metal and there he is. And he starts talking about how great it is, and I told him I just don’t like deth. It annoys me and reminds me of him. Speaking of which get the hell out! And I don’t remember what he says back, but he’s still there and that’s bad enough. But somewhere along here I realise that I am dreaming, and I start trying really hard to wake up. And he starts laughing at me, making fun of me. Tells me I’m “taking the orange” (seriously) only in reverse (really, don’t ask; I haven’t a clue).

Apparently, taking the orange means you think you are awake when you are dreaming; doing it in reverse must be thinking you’re dreaming when you are awake. This is why I refuse to watch Inception. Nope. Not going to go see it.

So I say, “I know that I am dreaming because—” and that’s finally the end of the dream. I’m in my bed by myself with no fat bastard psychopaths or cheating compulsive liars. Just that goddamned beeping from across the room. I sprawl across the floor to shut it off and I see that it has been forty five minutes since it first went off. Forty five goddamn minutes.

Fuck you, brain. Why are you such an asshole?

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One Response to Surprisingly unpleasant dream (I think)

  1. Because our brains get bored and decide there’s nothing finer than to troll us with our own thoughts.

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