What is this?

Are people trying to get to know me? Why??

Okay, let me explain.

My class each day ends right at the beginning of rush hour, so since about the first week of classes I have been in the habit of chilling out in the classroom until six or seven (there’s no class after mine, though occasionally there are meetings) and since last week, one guy from my latin class has taken to staying back as well to talk.  And then last night two different people hung back, and one of them invited me and the other one to a movie they had to watch for class.  So I went to a movie with two of my classmates.

Wut is this I dont understand

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5 Responses to What is this?

  1. Idk. I used to get to one of my classes early because I was coming from another building close by…and two other students kept showing up early too…I have a distinct memory of us playing catch with bouncy balls before class…it was a good time.

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