Fall break and school stuff.

Yay.  Two extra days off.  And then on the 22 my writing class is cancelled.  My first story is now getting workshopped the class period right before Halloween.  Which I suppose works out; it’s got a downer ending and an abridged description of these things: http://fav.me/d9bw1dj

Due date for my second story also seems to have been pushed back, so I’ve got more time to make some decisions.  Whoo, fun stuff.

I got B’s in Sallust and Roman Civ, so I’m doing okay academically.  I have come into a huge amount of anxiety, though.

My mother brought home some peppers that one of her friends had grown.  Two anaheim, two jalapeño, and two really small ones, I forget what they are called, but they are supposed to be the spiciest ones.  My bell peppers are still outside, still undersized, and the new sprouts are even growing buds.  I think I might take this time to go out and buy new flower pots.

I’ve got a wig, and I’m tempted to wear it to school the week before Halloween.  I think if I could find a hippy shawl and some thick, round glasses frames, that it would make a pretty good costume.  I’ve only got two weeks to do it in, so I dunno if I should try, but oh well.  Maybe I’ll do some searching on the web.  I’m sure there is some pretty fast shipping out there.

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3 Responses to Fall break and school stuff.

  1. Habanero peppers? The tiny orange ones? I hate those things…too spicy to still be enjoyable. :/

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