Growing up, there was an arts and crafts festival around Christmastime called the Fantasy of Trees, where we used to go and pick up mugs, ornaments, or other little doo-dads we liked.  And I dreamed that people were going there to buy these beautiful, hand-made works of art specifically for the purpose of taking them home and destroying them.  And I felt so sad.  I know our capitalist morality says they have a right to do that, it’s their property, but is it really sufficient justification?  Do we really have the right to diminish the beautiful things in the world just because we are holding the receipt?

And then, because philosophy is no fun, I was in a cave with the Voyager crew for some kind of diplomatic meeting (always a diplomatic meeting).  It was a natural cave, but heavily modified: dried out, with carpet rolled in, evened-out floors, and walls and doors separating the natural chambers of the cave.  And then this weird gauntlet shows up that turns you into a very angry Klingon.  And who ends up wearing it besides B’ellana Torres?

I’ve really got to stop watching Netflix.

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  1. Our guests definitely think they have the right to trash the theatre just because they have a receipt. (And then SO MANY of them throw away their receipts and still want refunds…madness, I tell you…)

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