So, then.  Two tests, one of which I got an eighty on, the other I took just today, plus my workshop story, and a practice story that our professor wanted us to workshop.  And I have tomorrow off.  Yay.

The practice story was kind of a fun challenge.  I had a ton of things to say about how it sucked, and there wasn’t a single thing about the story which, in my opinion, actually worked.  But I got clever.  I did mention that their English was full of errors, but I disguised an insult about their setting as a compliment (and it’s not really dishonest either, as I do think that a well-described setting is a good thing, only none of the action takes place in this guy’s setting lol) and then I basically asked a bunch of questions alongside the phrase “This is really interesting!  I like it!  I wanna hear more.”

And then I wrote a spoof partly of Literary Flash Fiction, but partly just me spouting off.  Which was fun, but I don’t know if anyone else would enjoy it.  I mean, I wasn’t really trying to make so other people would enjoy, but I wasn’t trying to do the opposite either, so who knows.  I’ll probably look back on it with embarrassment ten years from now, but I feel kinda bad deleting it or just letting it languish on my hard drive.  Maybe I’ll plop it onto deviantArt or something lol.

I dunno.  I expected to do so poorly this week.  Anyway, I need to email two of my fellow students so they can email me their stories (they passed them out this morning, and I was absent).  For some reason, the professor has decided that we should pass out our stories to the class only on the class period before we are workshopped, instead of all at once.  I think he’s trying to force a faster pace than the regular semester will allow.  Probably teaches a lot of summer school.  I also get the feeling that he’s growing annoyed with my opinions, because I tend to be a little outspoken haha.  And I reeeally don’t accept the same literary doctrines he does.  But I can’t help it, I have to take classes.  And UT doesn’t offer classes in scifi or anything fun like that, so I’m stuck with “art” writers.

I drew a thing yesterday!  And then I drew another thing today.  I want to get into this habit.  I feel good now after drawing something, even if it kinda sucks.

Speaking of which, I need to write a description of a picture I commissioned.  I have the facts in my head, I’m just trying to think of the most fun way to present them.  I think maybe a journal would be best–it would be the most personable, and I could slip in more context for the world and the story.  Maybe.  But then I kinda want to describe all kinds of things my character wouldn’t know.  Eh.

Well, that’s really long.  I’m going to log off now.

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