I just don’t think it can be told in this format without a) giving up on practically all of the fundamental components of a story or b) piling on the unfortunate implications as thickly as possible.  Or maybe I can.  But not like it is now.

Gah, what to do.

I could adapt one of the assignments.  I even specifically asked if that was okay.  One or two actually has a beginning, middle, and end.  Thing is, they only have joke characters in them.  I mean, the same characters, but their comedic aspects are exaggerated for the sake of completeness.  Can I do a comic relief episode in the middle of a more serious myth arc?  Well, I certainly don’t buy the idea that true art is angsty.

“Why do you wear that thing everywhere?”

“Why the hell shouldn’t I?”

“It’s just a little incongruous, that’s all.”

“Your face is going to be incongruous if you don’t stop giving me shit”

“I think you mean ‘incongruent.'”

“Shut up!”

(hilarious scuffle ensues)

(or maybe not)

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