I got a thousand words.  Exactly.  Hah, and it’s a totally complete story too.  Except there is so much missing, I’m afraid the meaning is either not clear or else exactly the opposite of what I intended.  Still, I have some good material.  Sort of.  I saved the stuff I cut out, for later.  There’s also some stuff in there that could still be economized, but I wonder if I should leave that for the graded revision.  Mwahaha (also he told us not to turn in a finished story, so I’m well within the boundaries of my instructions.)

I still think it’s hilarious that I wrote exactly a thousand words.  One of my reading responses was six hundred sixty-six words long, which also amuses me.  You know what I should do next?  Write it in iambic pentameter, then delete the line divisions.  See if anyone notices.  Or haiku.  I got some haikus about pasta taking over the world.  I could rewrite them slightly.  Again, line divisions removed.  I am feeling so devious right now.  It’s probably the sleep deprivation, but I prefer to think that I am brilliant and these are merely my latest stunning ideas for subversion.  Or not.  Whatever.

Got laundry in right now.  Good thing I don’t have to be up early tomorrow, or else I would have to wear dirty pants and I have learned that that is a bad idea.

I also need to start writing things down when I think of them.  I had a word pop into my head that was completely hilarious, and then I added “My perspicacity is threatened!” which I swear made it even funnier, only I can’t remember what the word was and now it’s lame.  Actually, maybe it isn’t such a bad thing that I didn’t write it down.

One in the morning is totally the wrong time to be hyper.  Somebody please tell my body this.  Oh well, have a song

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