Ahh.  Monday again.  I’ve had some really bad sleeps lately.  I can stay up a little longer working on homework, but I might need to fix some valerian root or else I won’t be coherent tomorrow.

Actually, there is little point in working on homework for tomorrow, because the combination of Sallust’s weird style and my lack of sleep has totally broken my mind.

Although I could work on my story a little.  I’m sure the one I’m trying to write will need at least 1200 words.  But I can get my material together at least, then maybe find some good sections that can be excised and then welded together.

Started on a drawing.  I really need to stay in practice–not that I’ve ever really been in practice, but new skills are always the most precarious.  I dedicated one month to having a thing drawn for each day–not that I actually drew a thing a day, but I did manage to grind out the proper total for the month.

All these creative skills where I’ve doomed myself to mediocrity by never trying them when I was younger.  Plus the continual fluctuations in my caffeine intake.  And I never really learned how to eat properly.  Oh, I get my veggies.  I love veggies.  It’s the scheduling I never got the hang of.  I wish I could just travel outside of time and forget when everything is supposed to happen and only do what I felt like when I felt like it.  I wonder if I should grab a sub tomorrow.  I usually find those satisfying.

If I can succeed through a few semesters of this, then maybe I can try a fourth class.  Dunno how many, but I need to make sure and graduate at some point.  And find a career I’d be capable of doing.  And that I wouldn’t just walk away from.  Or spend the whole time trying to hide.

Nearly done workshopping a novel chapter from deviantArt.  I’ve got one more week to do it in, as well as another short story.  Both were written by German speakers, so the syntax and punctuation are…interesting at times.  Kinda makes me want to brush up on my German, though maybe I should watch a few more of these people stumble through their English before inflicting my truly horrible German on their poor souls.

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