So I dreamed I was at school and as a class we were going back to the classroom (I don’t remember why we left in one body, or why we came back as one) when there was some kind of drill.  The elevators all shut down and the doors to the classrooms were bolted shut and most of the lights went out.  My ancient authors professor was there, trying to move me along.  But I was delaying, changing my clothes (yeah, I was able to do that for some reason) making sure all the things I had in my pocket stayed in my pocket, and trying to think of a way to get into the classroom.  My bookbag was in there, and it had my textbooks in it, and it was Friday, so I wouldn’t be able to do any of my homework until we came back on Monday.

Then there was something about my car.  I don’t remember what.  It was a really nice black car, and it was mine (my current car is silver) and parked on a street without a whole lot of fallen leaves on it.  I remember that clearly, because after the intersection in front of me, there were a ton of fallen leaves.


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