OMG, did I really?

I actually turned that dream I had into a mostly complete story.  I didn’t really make it any less dream like, but it is pretty much an actual story.  So now, I have two options.  I can submit it to a group on dA, or use it as my story that I’m assigned to write this semester (Did I mention which classes I’m taking?  I don’t remember doing so…) instead of the one that I’ve been working on since February.  Since I’m not really planning to submit the one from February unless I’ve at least tried to get it into a paid market, I won’t have anything for the group by the deadline.  Which I think is actually two days from now, so yeah.

Maybe I can get away with saying that it’s camp?

Got to class one minute late today.  One single minute.  Which pisses me off, because I left home with enough time to go to the bathroom first after finding a place to park, but then I got stuck behind a schoolbus, and then, because it’s “welcome week,” they have to block the convenient entrance to the parking garage, and I have to go around the damn thing in a circle to enter.  Actually, that bit probably delayed me a lot more than the schoolbus did.

Aaand what are my classes?  What are my classes that they are.  Well, Chris.  My classes.  Which I am attending.  And are mine.  Are mine.

No wait.  I am not Anne Elk (brackets Mrs.).  Sorry, I forget sometimes.

Anyways, I am taking Latin 351 (Sallust and Cicero), Roman Civilization, and another writing workshop.  Funny thing is, the workshop I took in Spring was a three hundred level class (so it counts towards the upper distribution requirement of my major) but it does not count towards the requirement for communicating in writing (lolwhy).  This semester it’s a 200-level course (which is considered lower-distribution) but it does count towards the writing requirement.  Anyway, it looks like basically the same material, though with a different instructor.

Ever have one of those days when you’re driving and literally everyone you see is on their goddamn telephone, not that you couldn’t already tell, because they’ve been sitting still at a green light for five minutes already or they just nearly ran you off the road or something similar.  Not that this is legal, because it’s not.  And yesterday, I saw this completely rude asshole “combining” ordering at a restaurant with talking on the phone.  Obviously the person who wasn’t even there got the priority and the poor cashier had to stand their holding jerkbag’s change because he couldn’t be bothered to hang the fuck up and pay attention to what was going on around him.  I honestly hate cellphones more than anything else in life.

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