Well well well, another long break in posting.  But not that long, really.

Some things that have been happening: none.

Some things that I have been doing:  I signed up for a writers’ group on dA where you read others’ work, and then I can get stuff of mine read and critiqued.  I joined a challenge to draw one thing every day for the whole month of August.  Got signed up for classes and bought all my textbooks.  Finally, I became a dues-paying member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Fun stuff.

Also, there is something weird with my fees.  I paid them during summer semester, and now the school says that it owes me the amount of my fees for fall…for the summer semester.  And I still owe for fall.

In case that was confusing to read, let me restate it.  I still owe for fall.  The fact that I paid is reflected in the fact that the school now owes me for summer.  Add both quantities and you get zero.  Hopefully the bursars office will go ahead and do the necessary math.  I am sure that they wouldn’t do something as idiotic as printing a refund check for what I paid and then cancelling my classes due to non-payment.

And yet here I am.  Still concerned enough to blog about it.

My problem is I have no idea how to explain it.  I think I stated it more or less clearly above, but I’m still so confused by it myself, how can I expect anyone else to understand?  I’m starting to think that what I should do is just take a screenshot and email it to the bursars office with the caption “explain this shit.”  Because every time I try to say it in English I start fumbling for words and wondering if they really mean what I think they mean.

I have gotten my story to nineteen pages.  I’ve cut out two characters, filled out two others, and added two more.  One more character has a death scene involving the two new characters (and is also the only place they appear).  Right at the beginning.  And for three pages it really looks as if she’s the main character.  I’m starting to think that this is maybe probably a really terrible idea.  It’s maybe a good way of establishing “anyone can die,” but as a trope that one really only works when you have loads and loads of characters that you can off.  In other words, not for a short story.  Still, I’m going to go ahead and finish this draft before doing anything there.

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  1. Yikes. I’d go in and talk to someone, just to be sure you’re in the clear. My dental insurance ended up getting cancelled because I “failed to send in a payment”, but right after I got that notice, they sent me a refund check for the payment I’d just made (the one they said I didn’t make). It was all kinds of stupid. -_-”

    And that’s just for dentistry, not for something as important as your education…

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